Focus and Scope

Annals of Mediterranean Surgery (AMS) is the official publication of the Balearic Society of Surgeons (SOBACIR). It will have a semi-annual periodicity, including the summaries of all the communications (oral, poster and videos) of the corresponding Annual Meeting SOBACIR.

The works related to surgical specialties will be considered for the publication. Submissions should be made following the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journals (New Engl J Med 1991; 324: 424-8).

Submission of a paper implies that it is original, has not been previously published and is only sent to Annals of Mediterranean Surgery. All works must strictly comply with the publication rules, otherwise they will be returned to their authors for correction. The editorial staff of Annals of Mediterranean Surgery reserves the right to make changes in the works received, without altering the meaning of the same, in order to adapt them to the present publication rules. The signatory authors must have participated sufficiently in some stage of the elaboration of the work to be responsible for the content and the conclusions of the same.

Peer Review Process

Annals of Mediterranean Surgery (AMS) will consider for publication the following types of papers: original articles, editorials, literature reviews, case reports, letter to the editor and / or scientific letter, images in surgery, clinical challenge, student corner, notes Techniques and works with null hypotheses.

  • Original articles.
  • Editorials.
  • Literature reviews.
  • Case reports.
  • Letter to the editor and / or scientific letter.
  • Images in surgery.
  • Clinical challenge.
  • Student corner.
  • Technique notes.
  • Works with null hypotheses.

All of these will be submitted to an anonymous external peer review process. 

Open Access Policy

AMS bases its work on an open access policy, guaranteeing immediate access to the published academic and scientific digital material, without registration, subscription or payment requirements.

Through anonymous peer review, AMS guarantees the quality, the originality, and the scientific rigor of the work submitted before its publication. This method allows to leave the work open to the scrutiny, and frequently to the correction, by authors of similar or superior rank to the one of the author. In this way AMS helps to keep the scientific literature free of pseudoscientific works, avoids obvious errors and improves the quality of the published material.


  • SOBACIR: Balearic society of surgery.
  • COMIB: Official Medical Association of Balearic Islands.