Ebusus y los monumenta romanos de las murallas renacentistas de Ibiza

  • Joan Ramon Consell Insular de Eivissa


In the last quarter of the 16th century, the final phase of the construction of the Renaissance walls of Ibiza took place. In its main entrance, known among other names as Puerta del Mar, as well as in its interior connection point with the Upper City (Dalt Vila), a total of five Roman monuments were placed, long attributed to a fortuitous discovery, in the course of the fortification works that, thanks to the good taste of their engineers, would have come to adorn the monumental access. At the same time, its connection with the Roman city of Ebusus was always taken for granted. But an exhaustive analysis of the bibliography and other historical documents demonstrates that such belief did not arise until more than two hundred and fifty years later, supplying with fantasy what was simply ignored. On the other hand, the verification that the portal of ses Taules obeyed a completely structured symbolic and ideological planning, together with the poverty of Roman sculptural findings in Ibiza, forces us to completely rethink this vision, in the sense that these Roman monuments may have no relationship with Ebusus.